Utilizing Social Media in a Big Company

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Many big companies take sales for granted. After all, they’re big for a reason, whether it be a unique service or simply providing so much for so little it’s inconvenient to go anywhere else. Even if they don’t go out of their way to reach customers, they will still get sales with a little bit of marketing. And this is technically true for some companies.
None the less, it is financially crippling. Even if the company still makes money, they could make so much more if they simply attempted to reach out to people using social media.

From an economic standpoint, social media is by far one of the most efficient and cheapest source of advertisement in history. By simply posting a post on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter, a company can instantly send out the equivalent of hundreds of pamphlets to hundreds of people. This makes it an incredibly useful source of advertising sales, new products and so forth.
Just look at how people can connect with TrueCar, Inc on Linkedin for an example of how to do it right. They have connections with every major social network, as every company now days should if they want to maximize profits.

There is another reason to use social media. Many larger companies have poor reputations, deserved or not. By being willing to connect with people ‚where they live‘, so to speak, you can gain a lot of good will and this sales. However, in order for this to work a real effort must be made to connect to your customer base. Simply posting on the social media networks is not enough, you must openly participate in dialogue with people.

A good policy is to always reply to any messages sent to you or posts made on your walls, whether it be a thank you for a good message or an apology for a negative one. It is a good idea to hire a few people or even a company to handle your social media for you so you are not overwhelmed by a large volume of people, many of whom will end up feeling neglected if you cannot respond promptly.
Social Media is the future. Never before has there been such an easy to use way to instantly access millions of people. If a company can take advantage of this and connect with their customers, they will reap the rewards.

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