Video ads: Pre-roll accepted for unpaid content, action low

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Knowledge Networks recently did a poll on network TV. The result states that 80% of online network TV viewers accept to view ads in exchange for unpaid video content. This shows an increase by 13% compared to the results in 2006 – according to eMarketer.

Pre-roll ads still seem to be the most accepted form of advertising on videos. And the acceptance for pre-rolls on network tv is still growing: 7% more users than 2006 mentioned that they watched the ads.

BUT: Users are not really taking the action when watching the ads – and this tendency is declining: Only 17% forwarded the ads to their peers, friends or colleagues which is 9% less than two years ago.

AND: Visiting a website to see an ad is decreasing as a trend as well: only 25% are taking the action which is 3% lower than 2006.

Spot On!
Interesting facts leaving a lot of speculation… Are pre-rolls only accepted in exchange for free content? Were the ad examples for the poll not interesting or well-produced enough to take on action? What is the effect of YouTube in these findings? A real study could be very interesting for the whole advertising industry…

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