Virals: If you are first, they will spread without help…

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Tiger Woods might have lost some of his golf glory in the last months. The old Nike videos with him are still trendy. They are creative, well-produced and most of them with his head cover tiger Frank are really funny. Remember this one (which was my favorite…)?

Nike also produced some trick shot videos those days. They probably weren’t meant to be virals. How could they those days…? They were TV commercials. However, the difference between viral and TV commercial is still difficult to define for many people, the Nike videos used media plans to get spread, succeeded and people were proud to share a copy of them with friends.

Now, after some years, the trick shot videos and the bloopers version are coming back to life again.


Martin Kaymer, the new German golf star, has just recently created a social media viral (apart from his Facebook page). It is a Hole-in-One trick shot video… and obviously, the golf pro hopes that it will be spread around the world, or at least Germany. Created as if the viral was real, it does appear unreal to me.

The difference to Tiger Woods some years ago? Not only was Tiger Woods the first with a trick shot idea. He did not need social media buzz generation tactics. The video spread without help – mouth-to-mouth, more in the offline than the online world. I doubt that the Kaymer viral will in the online world of today…

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