Water is the gold of life – Blog Action Day 2010

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Let’s think about the statement „Water is the gold of life“ for a moment…

Think! Pause… Think again! Pause… And once again think about it! Pause… OK.

In our daily life we often forget it and let’s be honest: If there was no Blog Action Day, I hadn’t thought about it. Would you…?

We are happy to have water. We drink water every day. We like water. We waste water. We are rich. We must be rich. We have the access to water.

We may say… „Water is the gold of life!“. But do we really know what it means to be able to say this? Do we really think about…

Who has cleaned our water?
What a daily challenge this is?
When we desperately needed it?
Where we drank the last drop of water?
Why we spilled the last drop of water in a basin?

5 simple journalistic questions… Would we really say, we know how rich we are? Do we you respect the value of water in daily life? And if not, how ignorant are we that we don’t rate the basis for the quality it offers?

This year I have seen pictures from the Gulf of Mexico where animals would have given everything to have their old water back. There was none. Human beings have destroyed their gold. Although they are intelligent and know about the golden water has to offer to life….

This year I have seen kids in Pakistan as there was no clean water they could drink after the flooding. They had tears in their eyes when they got the first sip of water of hours and days of drought…

At the same time this year I have seen my own kids playing with water when we had our hottest time in the summer. They were laughing, singing, running and dancing through the sprinkler for the whole afternoon….

When I told them that while they were enjoying themselves with water, other kids were thirsty. My older son went quiet. In the night he asked me „Daddy, how do we get the water to the kids that need it?“ I answered… „By giving money to people that know how to get water to them.“ „How much money do we have and how much water is it for the kids who need it?“

I could not even give him an answer. Could you? Can we say 1 liter of water is worth 10 cents, 30 cents, 50 cents, or 50 US dollars or EUROs? No, we cannot… As it depends on the demand and the situation people are in. But that is impossible to explain to a kid, isn’t it?

And then every night before my kids fall asleep they asks for a glass of water…

Water is the gold of life, I am sure. It is difficult to exlain why to our kids… But it is, isn’t it?

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