Web 2.0 mindset: What business learns from politics

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At the Web 2.0 Kongress 2009 in Munich, end of March, Director of Polling at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, John Della Volpe, commented on the latest election in the United States, and the change in political communication strategies.

His presentation made clear that web 2.0 is more of a mindset than a technology, and he showed how quick ‚followers‘ can be activated and motivated for new mindsets and ideas – his case was Obama’s web 2.0 strategy.

„How to mobilize the millennial generation? – Let them mobilize each other. (…) The millennial generation crave opportunities to make an impact (…) they will help if asked“.

This worthy knowledge in mind, combined with convincing success data of the successful Obama strategy (2 mio. profile in a social network, 400.000 generated blog posts, 200.000 offline events kicked off, plus more than 35.000 self-initiated non-profit groups), it is no wonder Obama raised half a billion dollars online.

But what can companies learn from this input? Glad, John Della Volpe spend some minutes after his presentation with me and passed on some advice for companies…

So in his opinion, companies and their business decision makers need to let control go. Managers should forget their old ‚control mindset‘ and make a move…

„Find your most passionate advocates, empower them, ask for more.(…) Give them authority, treat them with respect, tear down the wall between the customers and the organization, empower them with the right tools in the right atmosphere, with the right philosophy, and it can be very benefitial.“

Spot On!
To me this sounds like Dion Hinchcliffe’s advice. He said that if you position the right people inside your company to implement enterprise 2.0 strategies, the rest will follow. Now, Della Volpe conclusion on web 2.0 is quite close to Hincliffe’s words. If these two experts make the same case, why are decision makers still not embracing web 2.0 tool and techniques in order to improve customer communication and for internal process optimization? Or is this savvy, normal management tactic and wording?

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