Web-Centric users have volatile brand loyalty

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A recent Demandware study „Examining the Changing Consumer“ across North America, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany is finding that 52% of Web-centric consumers are likely to „unfriend“ a brand after a negative online shopping experience. This stands against 38% of traditional consumers that would react in the same manner.

The survey, conducted in early 2011, focused on users accessing the web several times per day for information, from different devices and locations. Web-centric users have higher expectations than those of traditional consumers and wnat to have their brand experience leveraged accordingly.

On positive online shopping experience, web-centric shoppers are more likely to reward retailers with brand loyalty. 67% replied they are willing to share a positive experience on the Social Web amoungst their peers. However, 72% would share a negative experience and 70% even going to their competitor in return.

„The smart consumer represents the new consumer. We believe our research provides valuable insight into the future of commerce. Empowered by greater access to the Web, the new consumer is becoming increasingly agile and sophisticated, and will continue to raise the bar for the way commerce is conducted. Retailers must prepare their businesses now to adapt to this new era of commerce.“ Jamus Driscoll, Vice President Marketing, Demandware

Interesting to see that user trust the web more than other channels when trying to find information. 83% see their smartphone as their most valuable and useful technology for web-access. 69% trust Web data more than information they get from a sales associate in a shop.

Spot On!
The study reminds me of a research that found why Fans unlike brands. Both studies show how unforgiving the web-centric users are. They are sharing a negative experience immediately and start reacting by putting kind of an umbrella over the whole brand experience. The study should alert all marketers and retailers to pay more attention to their digital selling efforts, especially when thinking about user-generated content like reviews. The challenge is to get them be your brand advocates. According to a study of BzzAgent and Roger Williams University brand advocates are 83% more likely to share information about a product than typical web users.

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