What happens in 24 hours on the Internet?

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We have had the 60 minutes infographic and we have had the dynamic Social Media Count. Now, we get to know what is happening in 24 hours on the internet with a great infographic by MBAOnline.

As we know from the elder illustrations mentioned above, there is a hell of a lot happening these days on the net. The time people spend publishing status updates on Facebook and Twitter, writing on their blogs, or watching videos on audio-visual platforms like hulu or YouTube is unbelievably high.

See some of the facts that we think are quite impressive…
– Facebook as the biggest social network sees 4,7 billion minutes spent on their platform…
– Although some companies like Atos proclaim the end of email, there are still 294 billion emails being sent…
– With the importance of Google+ for business and the increase of blogs, it is not surprising that 2 million blog posts are written every day…
– The evolution of the audio-video world – 864,000 hours of video uploaded to YouTube.
– The explosion of Mobile – More iPhones sold than babies born on!

See, what else is happening in 24 hours on the Internet…

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