What kind of (big) data big web companies collect (Infographic)

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Data and online privacy is a big topic, especially in Germany where the National Security Agency (NSA) did their research without anyone knowing of it. While some people might be handling this issue from a legal perspective, many people use social networking without paying attention to what kind of data they might share with friends and foreigners. The latest Universal McCann Wave 6 study makes clear that people are quite superficial in handling their privacy on the Web. The question remains whether people have any idea of to what extent data might be collected.

The team from Baynote has published a great infographic which illustrates the privacy issues of the different platforms. Somehow, this might result in some scared faces, for some it might be just what they expected.

How about you? Does this scare you of? Is it impressive? Do you see challenges that social networking might cause for you in the future? Looking forward to getting your views on how and what kind of data Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Yahoo collect from you.


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