Why retailers need to focus business on tablet users

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It is kind of an open secret that tablets make you spend more money than you want. Some new infographic by Milo gives the proof, and it makes clear that tablet users are often more willing to spend more than shoppers using their desktop device or their mobile phones. The infographic relies on data from insights by eMarketer, comScore and Adobe. It states that by 2014 one in three US internet users (approximately 89.5 million) will have access to a tablet.

Obviously, young internet users are even more open to tablets and willing to use them for online spending. Already today, 79% of 18-34 year olds now using their tablet to go on online shopping trips. In the category of the 35-54 year olds this makes up 50%, and 43% for those 55 years old or older.

Although the laptop is still the online shopping device, the tablet wins against all the other mobile devices fur online commerce across all groups. However, tablet users are willing to spend more than mobile and desktop shoppers according to the data sheet. What is even more interesting for retailers, tablet users are more willing to make a quick emotional purchase than smartphone shoppers.

The average tablet user spent $123 in terms of visitors by average order value on online goods. Desktop and smartphone buyers in comparison spent $102 or $80. What is also interesting to see is that 31% of tablet users do price comparisons on their tablet before spending money in offline stores.

How about you? Have you experienced some similar tablet spending attitude for yourself, or your family?

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  1. Study: Coupon user shop more, and more frequently than others am 04.04.2012 07:18 

    […] Spot On! However, these findings are essential from an upscale position, they need to be obeyed from a brand management perspective in order not to affect the brand positioning and pricing structure of a company. Another study on clothes by CouponCabin conducted by Harris Interactive shows that US adults say that they only buy clothing on sale (41%), look for a deal or coupon first that will decide on the purchase decision (10%), and find the item they want to purchase and then look for a deal or coupon before making a purchase (7%). So, coupons have a massive effect on our purchase decisions. And just imagine the opportunities companies have when using those coupons detecting tablet users… […]

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