Wie Social Computing Marketing verändert

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Es gibt inzwischen zahlreiche Studien zu Social Networking und wie diese neuzeitliche Erscheinungsform der menschlichen Vernetzung und Interaktion das Marketing der Firmen verändert.

Interessant ist aber doch, wie sich Social Computing auf das Social Networking Marketing in diesem Zusammenhang auswirkt und welche Strategien man daraus ableiten kann. Ein Whitepaper von telligent, einem .Net Provider von Social Networking Software, liefert verschiedene Denkansätze und erste Schritte zur Entwicklung einer Strategie für Social Computing…

1. Start by looking at your existing Web presence for opportunities and synergies that would benefit from social computing. Execute a few online searches to find out about any existing outside forums, blogs, and other social computing venues where your products are discussed.
Become an active participant in these forums to learn what’s top-of-mind for your Web community members. Use what you learn from the community to create content that is compelling, interesting, and useful.

2. Start thinking you, not us in your communications. Think about user benefits first. Source staff members that have an affinity for social networking tools for ideas.

3. Get your employees to start blogging on your Web site about relevant issues. Build more social computing tools into your site—such as tech support forums—and then spread the word. Start monitoring the response to see how many participants you’re attracting.

4. Make sure your efforts don’t go stale. Continually update your corporate blogs, and actively contribute to forums. Constantly facilitate and offer a large amount of valuable information up front to spur community collaboration. Get used to honesty and transparency in your approach to marketing, and respond to comments honestly and within an appropriate amount of time. Encourage user feedback and suggestions. Start small and continually test your ideas. Then think about how your social computing strategy will integrate with the other parts of your overall marketing plan. Tactics could change.

Spot On!
Teilweise erinnern die Ansätze an Chris Brogan und dessen Ideen zu Social Marketing. Teilweise sind sie aber aufgrund ihrer Kürze vielleicht der richtige strategische Denkanstoß, denn die erfolgreichsten Modelle entstehen immer aus einfachen Gedanken.

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