Can I be your friend?

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The English National Opera is making fun of our odd social web online lives with the new opera production of Nico Muhly’s new opera ‚Two Boys‘. This film is a great trailer that everybody should see, and think how much fun it is to transfer the online to the offline reality. Can you be a friend of somebody you don’t know in real life…? I know you will say „Yes!“, right…?

Well, watch the video… and always remember my lead theme: Online is just a catalyst of the offline reality! Especially if you log into real life in a 1-to-1 online mode like the guy in the video…

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  1. From online to offline with a smile… am 31.10.2011 13:24 

    […] English National Opera picked up the social networking habits of Twitter and Facebook and created a great commercial that promoted their latest act, transfering our online attitudes to offline. As we all tend to […]

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