Digital Strategy Toolbox 2014 (Slideshare)

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Julian Cole released his second presentation of the „Digital Strategy Toolkit“. This Digital Strategy Toolbox for 2014 can be viewed on SlideShare and give marketers some new ideas on which tools to use for their next digital strategy set-up. It contains some valuable insights and examples of tools (19 in total). Furthermore, it is looking at cool websites, research stats and some more inspirational material. Maybe you already know a lot of these tactics but still, it is worth to double-check if you are still up-to-date, right?

Digital Strategy Toolbox 2014 from Julian Cole

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2 Kommentare zu "Digital Strategy Toolbox 2014 (Slideshare)"

  1. Roman Prokopchuk am 08.11.2014 18:11 

    Good list of tools. Many of which are ones I have heard for the first time which I will try to utilize in regards to SEO.

  2. Martin am 10.11.2014 09:52 

    Definitely is. Do not just use them for SEO topics… ;-)

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