Does work still work at work?

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What is the future workplace going to be like? A question many of us have been asking themselves in the last years. Jason Fried, founder of 37signals did a great presentation at TEDtalksDirector on why work doesn’t work at work. As managers look into the future of work, some tools and techniques affect the productivity and he is asking if the Western work world is China when managers ban Facebook or Twitter. The real problems are the M&M’s (managers and meetings), Jason thinks. Managers job is not to turn up in meeting and to interrupt people. Meetings are just toxic as they are organized by managers to make people talk – and this kills creativity, productivity and spontaneity. His suggested solutions: Silence, passive communication and yes, … cancel meetings.

These are quite provocative views. As some of you are managers as well, what is your take on them and how would you make work work at work in the future?

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