FaceDeals checks-in customers via facial recognition…for deals

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Most of our shopping experience through Social CRM solutions are not seamless yet. However, a new solution might challenge the past days of manual check-ins… and deals. FaceDeals comes up with one of the freakiest social innovation we have seen so far. The deal platform is connected to a camera that gets positioned at the entrance of a shop or a restaurant. When customers are coming in the camera checks them in automatically to the place they enter via facial recognition detection. Then, the system is delivering some text message that people can get at the bar, cash point or point of sale.

PS: I can already hear people arguing about data protection, security risks and so on. Still, I think this is a nice innovation. What do you think?

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3 Kommentare zu "FaceDeals checks-in customers via facial recognition…for deals"

  1. Gerald am 04.09.2012 09:34 

    This is horrific. Calling this thing a nice invention is like summarizing motorized warfare or the atomic bomb as nice inventions. Yes, technically it is a nice invention. But that’s not the key issue here obviously. The guys behind this thing are willing to put a webcam with automatic face recognition into places to make me pay with a voucher? Are you kidding me????

  2. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 04.09.2012 09:56 

    Gerald, thank you for the feedback. That’s why I wrote „nice“ which can be understood this or that way. Obviously I did not put up the „PS“ without giving it the right attention. Facial recognition is always a mission critical but as far as I can see it, it will be a thing of the future.

  3. Study: Digital advertising found “annoying and invasive” am 14.06.2013 02:02 

    […] Facebook DACH, how it can come that I get banners for social networks 60+ years old people. Facial recognition (do I look so old)? Bad programming? Bad automation or bidding process? Maybe the people behind? […]

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