Kevin Spacey explains David Letterman Twitter

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Kevin Spacey and David Letterman gave the perfect show act at Letterman’s Late Night show on CBS TV. And suddenly these guys were talking about Twitter … pinging verbal tweets to and fro. And then, Kevin Spacey finds the perfect business model for Twitter. Okay, maybe a bit expensive…!?

David Letterman: Did it cost you money to be on Twitter?
Kevin Spacey: (scared) No, it does not cost you money…
David Letterman: I don’t know how you…
Kevin Spacey: …(amazed, shaking his head)…
David Letterman: I don’t know how it works.
Kevin Spacey: A penny for every letter. It’s so expensive Dave…
David Letterman: I don’t know anything about it.
Kevin Spacey: Are you on Twitter?
David Letterman: No, I don’t know. I can’t afford it…

Spot On!
If Twitter costs something? Yes, it does – a fortune of time, Kevin could have answered. But … ah, his answer is much cooler. Just enjoy it!

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  1. Wie mit Twitter monetarisiert wird… am 13.08.2009 10:12 

    […] das Monetarisierungsmodell von Twitter kommt, machen sich manche lustig über Twitter, finden Shortcomings oder diskutieren Monetarisierungs-Ideen und die Folgen […]

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