2014: 20 Marketing Statistics and Predictions (Infographic)

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The time is now. When Q4 is heading towards December many companies, analysts, experts and specialists start their forecasting for the next year, and what will drive the business. So, what happens in 2014? The first infographic just came out by the guys of WebDAM. The company provides a digital asset management software and just recently aggregated some interesting data in order to illustrate 20 key trends for marketers which will become important to meet the demand of their own business targets.

Five key findings in brief that we think companies should watch out for…

– Email with social sharing increases click-through rates by more than 150%
– CPM is out: Pay Per Click budgets will increase to over 70%
– More than 50% of marketers found customers on Facebook (40% LinkedIn)
– Video landing pages increase conversions by almost 90%
– Client testimonials are most effective as content marketing format


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