McDonalds App: Check out where your Mac was made

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McDonalds is one of those companies where people want to know exactly how their food was made. And sometimes they need to do something not to get into the spotlight of a shitstorm. Now, the Australian team of McDonalds, with the help of DDB Australia, knows how to do some prevention – with their app „TrackMyMacca“.

This app lets Australians have a look in the McDonalds kitchen (and before ingredients even gets there) of their meal. It dives straight into their supply-chain and augmented reality to transmit an interactive experience that makes McDonald’s delivery process transparent, „showing where your ingredients come from you are eating“.

In my eyes, this is an interesting experience, and makes eating your burger alone a bit more exciting… and engages the customers. Ever thought about how you could do that with your product and services? Check it out and let us know what you think.

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2 Kommentare zu "McDonalds App: Check out where your Mac was made"

  1. Wilfried Schock am 17.01.2013 10:33 

    Amüsant. Ich dachte bei dem Satz „Check out where your Mac was made“ spontan an einen Apple Computer. Ob das nur mir als alten Apple User so geht, oder ob der Begriff Mac schon fest belegt ist.
    Obwohl – der aktuelle Minipräsident der Niederen Sachsen nennt sich auch einen Mac, obwohl er eher wie ein PC aussieht.

  2. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 18.01.2013 09:24 

    Wilfried, herrlicher Kommentar. Irgendwie hast Du recht. Aber was hat McDonalds mit Apple am Hut? Vermutlich so viel, wie mancher Minister mit einem Apple. So, und jetzt haben wir Apple genug erwähnt… ;-)

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