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The difference between Facebook pages and Facebook groups is…? Well, if you still don’t have the proper answer… OK, here is one of the finest explanations by Howard Greenstein that I found on the web for those companies that evaluate on smaller or bigger interaction on Facebook.

Companies still ask what the return for investing in social media is. Beth Perdue summarizes some great suggestions from experts at the New England Xpo for Business at Boston in terms of how marketing mentality is shifting. Definitely an interesting read…

Finding good case studies for social media marketing is not easy. Del Monte Foods has created a great example in just six weeks. Adage focuses a speech by Forrester Research’s Josh Bernoff. Watch it and learn from it…

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2 Kommentare zu "News Update – Best of the Day"

  1. Steve Roye am 04.06.2009 23:06 

    It would appear that with the recent turnover of senior personnel at Facebook that the bottom line matters, no matter what the social network or media may be.

    Personally, I would have difficulty investing in a social media adventure that was not monetized to some extent already.

    Many „free“ social networks and services come and go. They go because they either aren’t or can’t be monetized properly.

  2. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 05.06.2009 10:47 

    Absolutely agree with your view. In the end it depends if the users a) will profit from the revenue share or b) if there will be a model like ‚Let me monetize myself as a social median‘. The combination of the individual social median profiles need to become ONE ‚media space‘ for the brands that he/she prefers. Personally, I think, the social network that sees this vision first, will succeed…

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