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About a year ago, a Robert Hall study showed that 55% of CIOs don’t allow the access to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This year’s study shows that the IT policies are changing to stricter guidelines…
– 38% have implemented stricter social networking policies regarding personal use of social media sites
– 15% have become stricter regarding business use
– 17% have become more lenient

Strategy& published its „Marketing Media Ecosystem 2010“ report which sees a significant necessary change away from a „traditional marketer/client – agency – media company structure“ to an economy that needs to change the pace of adopting new marketing tools towards a new marketer to end user relationship.

The key findings show the relevance of reference marketing…
– 88% agree the speed of marketing execution will become more important due to digital
– 80% believe insights into consumer’s digital behavior and related targeting will become more important
– 55% of users see consumer recommendation more important than pur brand knowledge
– 59% lack sufficient experience with digital/online media
– 51% do not have adequate senior support for digital

This commercial from Jack Rabbit Beer might be made for male humor. But it is more the chronology of the narrative time that makes it funny.

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2 Kommentare zu "News Update – Best of the Day"

  1. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 15.04.2010 20:46 

    Ist wahrlich komisch, daß die 2008er Zahlen darunter auftauchen. Werde mal nachhaken bei Booz..

  2. Fast die Hälfte der Unternehmen untersagt den Mitarbeitern Social Media Nutzung am 19.04.2010 10:08 

    […] entzweit die Unternehmenswelt. Eine aktuelle Studie von Cisco zeigt, was letzte Woche auch eine Studie von Robert Half angedeutet hat. 44% der deutschen Unternehmen untersagen die Nutzung von Social Media während […]

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