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Today, we will be serving the ‚How To‘-Help – Enjoy it!

How to start a blog and make it effective … Jamie Herzlich knows facts about your competition (130 million blogs on the Internet – according to Technorati) AND has some very good advice that you are not getting lost with your blog.

How to start a corporate Twitter account…. Evelyn So has some interesting ideas on considerations before you dive into Twitterville, taken from a corporate, communication and customer point of view and background. Read comments also…!

How to Get More Out Of Google Docs… It’s on you! If you have the right input, just contribute, log in and add them to the page. Help writing this article. Yes, this is the power of a wiki.

PS: How to Present While People are Twittering? Years ago, people were whispering to each other at conferences, today they are ‚twittering‘. Olivia Mitchell knows how to adopt and get attention when you are a speaker.

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  1. Evelyn So am 25.02.2009 05:40 

    Thanks for the mentioning!

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