QR Codes: A trend already gone, or still on the rise…?

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In the last weeks, I have spoken with many clients and interesting people in the industry, whether QR codes are still an emerging topic for marketers, or if the trend goes thanks to the latest innovation from Layar. The new Layar technology let’s the importance of QR codes in some way vanish…

So, the question is: Are the QR codes an over rated technology? Let’s bear in mind how many people know how to use QR code technology, and how often those who know really use the QR code reader? Now, the team from Lab42 comes up with as great infographic on the use of QR codes.

And guess what, 60% of the respondents say they are not familiar with QR codes in general. Most of the people using QR codes (46%) scan them for discounts. interestingly enough, for 42% of the people these codes serve as a ticket (for a concert (62%). And 67% see the QR codes in print magazines. So, my assumption that QR code technology could become the access point for the extension of print (Augmented Reality) seems to proof correct.

Check out the rest of the data yourself…

I am interested to get your view on the future of QR codes. Is this a remaining access hub for companies, brands and services, or will it end when Augmented Reality evolving, and finally detecting 3D objectives…? Let us know your thoughts…

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2 Kommentare zu "QR Codes: A trend already gone, or still on the rise…?"

  1. Silberlicht am 12.08.2011 18:03 

    Just found this regarding QR code usage: https://plus.google.com/115360979797396777969/posts/FTBMdYJ5Z5d
    Still, I think that augmented reality apps like Layar will eventually put an end to QR codes. AR ist just one step less.

  2. Unter welchen Voraussetzungen haben QR-Codes eine sinnvolle Wirkung? | Wissenschaft und neue Medien am 30.01.2012 16:10 

    […] Einsatzfelder bzw. Erwartungen bei der Durchsetzung im Online-Marketing formuliert (z. B. hier, hier und […]

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