Still smoking? I bet you can quit…

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About 5 years ago, I quit smoking. In those days, I stopped from enjoying one package a day to none – in only one day. Just by having a strong will and an appropriate reason, I was able to get away from it. We are responsible for our own health. We know it is not good for us with the risk of getting cancer but still we do what we do. If we can explain it or not…

So, sometimes it is better if your friends look after you. And maybe they give you a reason to stop smoking. The American Cancer Society created a Social Media approach that brings the power of friend crowdsourcing and Facebook straight to those of you who still cannot resist. I like the idea as we sometimes need to get the right push from those we trust most. Those who believe in us. Our friends…!

Hey smokers, would you not be proud of you if you could get away from the fags? Get your friends to bet on you…

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7 Kommentare zu "Still smoking? I bet you can quit…"

  1. Gerald Hensel am 15.08.2011 14:38 

    „Smoking kills over 18% of all Americans every year?“ That means 55 million Americans die EVERY YEAR? That means within 5 years there would be no more American alive? I love credential movies that basically say ‚I absolutely have no clue what I am talking about‘ in the first place.

  2. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 15.08.2011 15:07 

    Those who understand advertising know why they have chosen the message. It should probably say „Smoking kills over 18% of all smoking Americans every year?“ And then, I think you need to reconsider your calculation…

  3. Gerald Hensel am 15.08.2011 16:07 

    I think I know advertising. I work in this industry for 15 years. But award/credential videos juggling with made up figures haven’t got anything to do with advertising a service. It is just very pathetic. Even if it would kill 18% of all smokers in America: It would still kill every U.S. smoker within 6 years. I smoked for 17 years. I would have been dead almost three times. Pathetic.

  4. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 15.08.2011 16:42 

    Well then… I bet you still can quit… ;)

  5. Gerald Hensel am 15.08.2011 16:48 

    That’s right. I just wonder why I should download an app by people who cannot even add 1 and 1.

  6. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 15.08.2011 18:03 

    Maybe just to proof if their app can add 1 and 1, and to see if the success metrics work.

  7. ╭ i-Japaneeds | ver. Patina ╮ » 禁煙できるかを賭ける App 「I Bet You Can Quit」 am 24.08.2011 11:05 

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